Roasted Chicken and Veg

Roasted Chicken and Veg

By January 21, 2014

Roasted yard bird in cast iron on top of a bed of veg!

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Cook Time : 1h 40 min



Mix your favorite cocktail and preheat the oven to 385.  I like Whiskey.

Wash bird and remove giblets and any feather spikes, pat dry w/ paper towel.  Chop up veg, set aside scallions and 1/2 of the celery, and toss the rest with olive, salt & pep then place on lubed up cast iron roast pan/skillet.  Mix together some salt, pep, garlic powder and smoked paprika (or your favorite spice blend) and rub onto every nook and cranny of that delicious bird in front of you.  Then stuff that bird with the butter, chopped garlic, celery and scallions.  Tie together legs to keep 'er nice and stuffed.

Let chicken roast until internal temp of the breast is 165 and juices run clear.

Serve with your favorite gravy or just how it is.

Roasted Chicken with Vegetables |



We love it when you not only submit delicious recipes to SpicyGal but you also complement the recipe with a beautiful picture like this one!

Enjoy this Roasted Chicken and Veg from our Spicy Gal contributor Evan in Cheyenne Wyoming.

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