Get to know the gals…

Lindsey and Tricia are sisters living on opposite sides of the U.S. who share a love of cooking healthy, delicious recipes. Read more about them below.

Meet the Gals

Welcome to our site!  I’ll start off by introducing myself and then will let Tricia take it away. My name is Lindsey (on the left) and I am currently a stay at home mother of two.  I am married to my high school sweetheart and we recently moved across the US from California to Florida and are enjoying our new beach town lifestyle.  I have worked everyday since I was of legal age to do so.  After having my youngest I made the decision not to go back to my profession in advertising.  With two kiddos, many pets and a hubby, you would think I had no time for other things, but I always make time to cook.  It is my passion and also my meditation, if you will. The time where no one bothers me, I get to be creative and I manage what I am putting in my body and my family’s bodies.

A while back I gave myself a challenge, to cook a new recipe for dinner every night.  I wanted to do this for multiple reasons…to broaden my cooking skills, to make healthier choices, and to try new things outside of my usual go-to meals.  When I explained this idea to my sister, Tricia, she shared with me her love of cooking and a few pictures of things she had created.  I knew instantly that a site was in our future.  Not only to share with each other, have a forum to keep in touch as we live in different states, but to welcome others in sharing their recipes and techniques as well.  Take it away Trixy…

Well, first of all, thanks for sharing my family nick-name with the world, Zin. (wink) I also am a mom of two and am married to my high school sweetheart…I guess it runs in the family.  I lead the typical busy lifestyle so, when cooking, most days it can’t take too long. As a family We focus on eating healthy and as organically as possible. As a result, we rarely purchase pre-packaged food opting to make our meals home-made and as natural as possible. A large part of this stems from the fact that we spent three years living in Taiwan. There we learned about the necessity of home cooked, all natural ingredient meals as many typical pre-packaged US items were hard to come by. We also learned what a difference it made in the way our bodies felt when meals were prepared in a healthy and natural way. After moving to Wisconsin we have continued to experiment with home-cooked meals and baked goods. Recently, our son was labeled intolerant to foods containing soy, peanuts, gluten and diary. YIKES! You’ll notice that many of the recipes I am now sharing are allergen free. We’ve noticed a huge difference in the way we all feel… in a GOOD way! So, as I experiment (please give me grace as this is new territory) I would love your feedback, tips and tricks!

We want to concentrate on providing you with tasty options and will show you how to make it “healthier” where we can.

We hope you enjoy the site and we look forward to getting to know you! Come back often and pass these recipes along to friends and family. Enjoy!