Classic Colorado Chili Rellenos

Classic Colorado Chili Rellenos

By November 12, 2013

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Cook Time : 10 minutes





So it was my husband’s birthday last weekend.  We don’t exchange gifts for one another we just try to make the day special and relaxing for one another.  I started his day with breakfast in bed and then asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner.  He answered with “Chili Rellenos from La Fonda’s.”  Okay, we live in Florida and that restaurant is located in Denver, CO.  I smiled and agreed to re-create that meal.  The Rellenos would be simple.  I had eaten so many there and had asked questions on their preparation for years.  The green chili would be the hard part.

For the relleno they do things different in Colorado.  It isn’t your classic chili stuffed with mexican cheese fried in an egg batter.  Since I was raised in this preparation I find the egg ones to be unpleasant.  Instead of egg we use egg role wrappers.  Stuff them with good old monterey jack and pan fry them in vegetable oil (1 inch deep or filled with enough oil to cover half of the chili).

Start by laying out your peppers and cheese cubes.Green Chiles and Cheese

Place one pepper and one cheese cube into a single egg role wrapper. SONY DSC

Wet the edges of the wrapper and begin to fold wrapping like a burrito.SONY DSC

Fry them in a shallow skillet over medium heat for 2-3 minutes per side.SONY DSC

Place finished rellenos onto a paper towel to absorb any remaining oil.SONY DSC

Cover with green chili and serve.SONY DSC

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