Brothers Farmers Market- Hollywood, FL

When we moved out of California we lost access to the beautiful and cost friendly produce.  We cook with a ton of fresh ingredients and we also juice often so this proved to be a challenge…that is until we stumbled on Brothers Farmers Market.  They have any fruit or veggie you could imagine.  They also have a wonderful clearance section where you can get on the verge of spoiling packs for $1!  In the attached picture of produce, we got all of that for $17!CAM00467

One thing we used to cook with in almost every meal is jalapeños.  Well in California you could get a bag of them for a couple bucks, but here in Florida not only do some stores not even carry them, but others sell them for $5, for like 5 jalapeños.  We got a pack of them at Brothers for a dollar and there were 30 of them in it.  Timing wasn’t quite right because we were flying out for a week the following day so I had to get creative.  I threw them into my food processor and added a little water to really grind them up.  I placed them into ice cube trays, covered them in plastic wrap and tossed them in the freezer.  Now whenever I want to spice up a meal I just grab a cube or two and throw them in the skillet.  Solved that one!Jalapeno ice cubes

Brothers also has a deli and will make you up a HUGE sandwich to share with the family.  If you’re ever in the area stop in and make sure to tell them Spicy Gal sent you.  Enjoy!2013-08-17 12.31.17

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