Bradbury’s Coffee – Madison, WI

I am a foodie. Embarrassingly so! I get no greater joy than finding a delicious dish and picking apart the various ingredients with my tastebuds while explaining each new experienced flavor and texture in great detail. Annoying? Probably. But thankfully, my husband and at least my good friends tend to bear with me, sometimes poking fun, which I probably deserve.

This past weekend while strolling through downtown Madison, WI my husband and I came across Bradbury’s Coffee. This small restaurant boasts a unique experience. First of all, it’s nestled on the corner of a larger building so the entire restaurant is a triangle shape. The restaurant itself is small but inviting consisting of a few chefs, a coffee barista and someone to race around making space for patrons, taking orders, and gathering dishes. They’ve created a well oiled machine. Long butcherblocks run the length of the perimeter which boasts floor to cieling windows. This means that any seat in the house will give you a perfect view of the city around you. Two larger tables sit head to head in the middle of the room. If you’re going to dine in, which you’ll want to when you see the place, there are only two ways to sit near your neighbor. Cozy and cozier. But it’s fun, beautiful and delicious!

The reason I bring this restaurant to your attention is not because of the layout or location but because of their crepes. Oh, their crepes!! Wow! Just wow! They specialize in crepes, scones, muffins and coffee and rotate their menu options throughout the year based on what is available at the farms they buy directly from. Doesn’t it sound amazing? And you haven’t even tried the crepes yet. But you want to!


My husband and I opted to order a sweet crepe and a savory one. He ordered the lemon curd with fresh real whipping cream. I tend to be reluctant about lemon curd because it is so easy to make either too tart or too sweat. This particular lemon curd was perfect! Just the right amound of sweet and tart.

The crepes: Crepes are another recipe that can turn out too oily or just plain, dry. These… I’m drooling as I write this… they were perfect. They were that delicious smooth, slightly moist texture on the inside with a perfectly crispy but not hard or oily outside. They used minimal sugar allowing the ingredients packed into the crepe to really stand out.

What I ordered was amazing. I had a crepe filled with goat brie cheese, roasted butternut squash sprinkled with cinnamon and sauteed kale. I don’t typically like Kale outside of my morning smoothie but this was delicious! The finale was a fried egg placed on top. Mmmm!

The beautiful and delicious cappuccinos made our meals complete. Great flavor and beautifully presented.

Bottom line: If you get a chance to visit Madison, check out Bradbury’s Coffee and tell them Spicy Gal sent you. Enjoy!

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